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Loans & Savings Accounts


Credit Union offers four types of loans to qualified members (any loans must be approved by the Loan Officer)

Share Loans: Share Loans are granted using the member's savings as security.

Signature Loans: Signature Loans are granted based on members credit history and credit score

Collateral Loans: This type of loan is secured with a tangible value. Automobiles are most popular however Boats, Motors, Motorcycles, RV's are also financed.

Co-Maker Loans: The co-maker loan is cosigned by one or up to ten members in good standing. By cosigning a loan the co-maker agrees to assume responsibility for the loan should the member default.


Regular Savings:Accounts are Federally Insured up to $250,000.00 to protect against the dissolution of the credit union.

Dividends are paid quarterly.